Winton is the home of the first registered Merino Stud in Australia.

George and Mary Taylor arrived in Van Diemans Land in 1823, settling at Winton in 1832, founding the Winton Merino Stud in 1835.

Area: 3,300 hectares

Address: 1050 Valleyfield Road, Campbell Town, Tasmania, Australia

Owners: John & Isobel Taylor

RWS Certified

From 1835 to the present day Saxon sheep have roamed the native pastures of Winton under the caring eye of the Taylor family.

With significant frontage to the Macquarie River, the Taylor family have planted thousands of trees in recent years to provide shelter, prevent erosion and increase biodiversity on the farm.

Caring for the stock and improving farm sustainability are a key focus of the current owners to ensure Winton continues to produce high quality wool for another 200 years and beyond.

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