Our Services

Adding value and efficiency through customised services and solutions.

Our team are proud of the full suite of services we offer to our clients. Designed to increase profitability, maintain quality and uphold social responsibilities, these services can be tailored to each growers’ individual needs and goals.

Services We Offer:

  • Marketing: Wool marketing strategies that are bespoke to your ideal client and are adapted to the ever-changing needs of the consumer and the industry. Wool is no longer a commodity and shouldn’t be treated as such.
  • End-to-End Supply Agreements: Direct-to-brand supply agreements that let you see where wool makes its beginning and end. Sustainable partnerships which benefit both grower and brand partner.
  • Quality Assurance Program Management including RWS: Assistance in meeting global wool standards, including the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS).
  • Price Risk Management: Risk management strategies delivered through traditional forward price contracts, or deliverable supply arrangements.
  • Production Advice: Customized advice from knowledgeable industry sources in the areas of sheep husbandry, farm management and more.
  • Sheep Classing: In partnership with the wool grower, we can help develop and meet your breed objectives. Making every Ewe count.

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