Our Process

Simple freight

Freight charges to be incorporated into the Buyer’s post sale charge. Wool Solutions will act as TFES agent for the Buyer ensuring every  bale claims the rebate and that it’s passed on in full.

Transported and sold stored Melbourne

By arranging for bales to be transported and sold stored Melbourne it enables buyers to have the most efficient and cost effective post sale delivery for export. By streamlining exporters logistics we encourage the strongest support from buyers.


Updated market data

We will provide full market reporting via our weekly reports focusing on both merinos and xbreds in isolation. Both Alistair and Rob have industry leading knowledge of spot and futures markets analysis, we will handle our market analytics in house, enabling us to provide up to the minute intel for our clients.

Merino Reports Crossbred Reports

Our People & Background

Robert Calvert


Rob has worked with top wool exporting firms in Sydney and Melbourne for over 14 years, travelling to and trading in most wool export destinations. More recently Rob has been based back in Tasmania working in senior management positions with a focus on wool and livestock, deepening his experience in wool processing and export logistics from farm to final purpose.

“I want to drive positive outcomes for Tasmanian wool growers and industry stakeholders; to build a high performing wool services team that’s in it for the greater industry.”

You can contact Rob on;

0448 658 469

Alistair Calvert


Alistair has over 20 years of experience in Tasmanian wool brokerage and a lifelong career within the sheep and wool industries. He has developed extensive expertise in sheep classing and flock advice plus all wool marketing services including; private buying, wool appraisal and valuation, long term contract pricing and wool futures/risk management with a current RG146 licence.

“I have spent my entire life involved in the sheep and wool industry and it gives me great personal satisfaction to contribute to its ongoing success.”

You can contact Alistair on;

0448 650 483