Mount Morriston

Mount Morriston has a long history of premium wool growing.

Mount Morriston’s sheep share the native grasslands with a healthy population of Australian wildlife including forester kangaroos.

Farm Name: Mount Morriston

Location: 1758 Tooms Lake Road Ross Tasmania 7209

Size: 4,400 hectares

Farmer Name: W and C von Bibra

Number of sheep: 10,000 Micron: 17.5 Annual Kg’s 50,000

Mount Morriston has a long history of premium wool growing. The Scott Family took up the original grant with their descendants, Chris and Dee Stephen, winning the coveted Zegna trophy eight times between 1963 and 1992.

Purchased recently by the von Bibra family, current management is focussed on restoring the property to merino wool growing and protecting its significant natural values. The Property is RWS accredited.

The current flock of Merino sheep is from nearby Beaufront. Breeding emphasis is on growing 17.5 micron wool with adult sheep cutting 5 to 6 kilograms of greasy wool per year. Breeding objectives beyond the fibre include fertility and easy lambing to create a modern merino.

The property recently received a grant, from NRM North, to assist with stock exclusion fencing along the Macquarie River. This improves water quality in the Tamar catchment and will see the construction of 20km of fencing, alternative stock watering points and the establishment a riparian conservation zone.

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