Montacute spans some 10,000 hectares providing the 20,000 sheep with great expanses of undulating hills for which to graze.

Brothers James & Richard Hallett are the 4th generation to manage and run the property Llanberis.

Location: 1288 Hollow Tree Road, Hollow Tree, Tasmania, Australia

Size: 10,000 hectares

Farmer Name: James & Richard Hallett

RWS Certified

The Llanberis wool bales are branded as MONTACUTE in recognition of the name of the original farm their ancestors began farming.

Montacute is located within the esteemed wool growing region of Tasmania’s Southern Highlands, known for producing high yielding wool with excellent whiteness.

Along with producing 75,000 kgs of wool each year Llanberis Pastoral also produce a variety of annual crops via their extensive irrigation infrastructure.

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