Banwell comprises of approximately 8000 merino sheep producing 36,000kg of 17.5 micron wool.

Banwell is located at Little Swanport on Tasmania’s East Coast. The property was purchased in 1913 by Charles Madsen and is currently managed by 4th generation farmers.

Area: 2,000 hectares

Address: Banwell, Banwell Road, Little Swanport, Tasmania, Australia

Owners: Stuart & Nicky Madsen

RWS Certified

Owners Stuart & Nicky Madsen, along with their daughters Olivia & Amy currently run and manage Banwell farm.

Banwell covers 2000 hectares, running from the Little Swanport rivulet on the western side to the low tide mark of Banwell Beach on the east.

The property itself consists of rich volcanic hill country running down to loamy flats providing excellent grazing all year round. The topography also supports excellent water catchments providing reliable, good quality water for both stock and irrigation.

Of the 2000 ha some 400 ha are made up of remnant bush and shelter belts for stock.

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