The farm produces 43,000kg of 16.0-18.5 micron wool per year.

Ashby is located in the Central Midlands of Tasmania in the heart of superfine wool growing country.

Area: 4,000 hectares

Address: 228 Ashby Road, Ross, Tasmania, Australia

Owners: Bennett Family

RWS Certified

Ashby has been in the Bennett family for 5 generations, with the current custodians being Will & Nina Bennett and their 3 children Alice, Percy & Dougal.
Ashby is a mixed farming enterprise with a strong focus on superfine wool production, running some 20,000 merinos’ averaging 16 micron.

Over the generations the Bennett family have always considered the health of the land and the biodiversity as paramount to the success of their operation. Currently Ashby has 520 ha recognized by the Midlands Conservation Fund Management Plan – Tasmanian Land Conservancy and a further 420 ha of Private Forest Reserves under covenant.

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