Simon & Trish Tayler and their daughters, Winnie, Maggie & Georgie are custodians of a fine wool self-replacing Merino flock at Stockyard Hill in the Western District of Victoria.

Simon’s family have been farming at Stockyard Hill since the1850s. The Tayler daughters are the seventh generation to farm at Stockyard Hill.


Location: 1972 Skipton Road, Stockyard Hill, Victoria, Australia

Size: 506 hectares

Farmer Name: Simon & Trish Tayler

RWS Certified

Monmot at Stockyard Hill is quite high in elevation and sits between two volcanos, Stockyard Hill and Monmot Hill. This landscape provides fertile volcanic soils. The average annual rainfall of 650mm generally falling throughout the year.

The operation is fully focused on the fine wool production alongside reproductive outcomes with annual pasture improvement and renovation undertaken in autumn and summer with fodder crops planted in spring. Currently there is a project in place to increase native shelter belts across the farm.

The farm hosts an environmental offset to protect the endangered Striped Legless Lizard and the native grasses that are preferred for their natural habitat. This is actively managed as part of the farming program with the assistance of an ecologist. Brolga’s also breed at the farm each year in a natural wetland area. This area is managed to ensure minimal disturbance at sensitive times of breeding.

The farm is accredited under the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) prioritising the welfare of the sheep and the land that they graze on.

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