Dedication to the Tasmanian Wool Industry

It’s not an easy decision to back yourself, go it alone and compete in such a mature market. Over the past few decades the Australian Wool Industry has seen few new entities formed. When one comes along it needs to offer something new. Demonstrating great commitment, Alistair & Rob Calvert have formed Wool Solutions to achieve exactly that, unrivalled dedication to the Tasmanian Wool Industry, a fresh approach and a common goal towards building strong, global recognition for wool produced in Tasmania.

Adding to their strong connections across the existing Australian Export Sector, Al & Rob have developed unique and valuable relationships with global manufacturers, end users and retail labels. A simple and effective decision to offer Tasmanian Wool to market “stored in Melbourne” is one seemingly minor point of difference which can attract far wider competition on every bale offered.

Combined with their strong and diverse wool industry experience, the wonderful provenance and quality of Tasmanian grown wool, we feel Al  & Rob will make a great contribution towards building an even more robust market position for Tasmanian grown wool.


Matt Hand,
United Wool Co. Pty. Ltd.